JHSC Certification Training

Initiating a JHSC

In Ontario, the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) requires the employer establish and operate a Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC). The JHSC brings management and workers together to monitor health and safety performance and advise the employer on opportunities to improve. It is required if the:

  • Workplace regularly employs 20 or more workers (construction project of 3 months or more) 
  • Designated Substances Regulation (Reg.490) applies 
  • Ministry of Labour (MOL) issues an order
Learn more about initiating a JHSC or requirements when a workplace employs 6-19 workers and a H&S Representative is required.

EKG JHSC Certification Training Services

This JHSC must have at least 1 worker member and 1 management member who become certified. The Ministry of Labour (MOL) administers this certification process by setting standards for training and approving training programs. It also tracks, registers and communicates successful certification of individuals. To become certified, the employer must ensure these individuals successfully complete specialized training including:

EKG offers MOL approved courses for JHSC Part 1 (based on training program from Health & Safety Professionals Inc.) and Part 2 certification training. Our professional trainers lead these courses based on a wealth of knowledge and experience in health and safety management. They present the information in a dynamic manner and strive to bring the information to life through engaging participants in activities, scenarios, case studies, and work pictures/videos review. Participants not only learn the required information but also develop skills that can be applied to evaluate and improve workplace health and safety.

Note: JHSC Part 1 training based on MOL-approved training program from Health & Safety Professionals Inc.


Other Participants for JHSC Training

While intended for certified JHSC members, the JHSC certification training courses are beneficial for any member of your organization. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility; these courses build a solid health and safety foundation for any member of your workplace and ensure everyone at work remains aware and implements safe work practices. Additional participants can include:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Workers
  • Non-certified JHSC members
  • Certified JHSC members (refresh training) 




Retainer Client

Retainer Client

EKG’s retainer clients get a monthly report interpreting legislative changes affecting their business, product recommendations, no-charge emergency consultation and discounts on training – all for one unbeatable price. Call us today and start getting the front-of-the-line service your company deserves!

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Disability Management Training

Disability Management Training

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