Workplace Training

EKG works with our clients to conduct cost effective workplace EHS training. We can travel to any worksite to deliver training sessions for all levels of an organization; from Managers and Directors to Supervisors and Workers, everyone is responsible for safety. EKG will help ensure your people have the tools to work safely and improve the EHS performance of your organization.

At EKG, we pride ourselves on working with our clients to develop and deliver customized training courses to suit your needs and desires. The specific course content and course duration of all our courses are flexible. 

The following are some of the primary training courses we can offer your workplace. If you have ideas for additional training sessions beyond those you see below, we can explore developing, expanding or combining course content.

Please contact us and we can discuss a training solution for you. 



            Introduction to Due Diligence (2-4hr)

            Competent Supervisor (1-2 day)

            Accident Investigation  (2-8hr)

            Workplace Inspection  (2-8hr)

            Contractor Management  (2-4hr)

            Emergency Planning  (2-4hr)

            Senior Management  (2-8hr)

            GHS for Employers  (3-4hr)

            Confined Space Program Development  (3-4hr)


Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC)

            JHSC: Part 1 Basic Certification – Basic  (2 day)           

            JHSC: Part 2 Hazard Certification – Offices  (1 day)

            JHSC: Part 2 Hazard Certification – Industrial  (2 day)

            Non-Certified JHSC Member Training  (4-8hr)

            JHSC Skills Refresher  (4-8hr)


General Safety

            OHS Rights and Responsibilities  (1-2hr)

            Violence & Harassment  (1-2hr)

            Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  (1-4hr)

            Heat Stress  (1-2hr)

            Noise & Vibration  (1-2hr)


High Risk Safety Hazards

            Lockout/Tagout  (2-4hr)

            Confined Space Entry  (4-8hr)

            Live Electrical Work (Arc Flash)  (4-8hr)

            Fall Protection  (3-6hr)

            Machine Guarding  (2-4hr)


Ergonomics Hazards

            General Ergonomic Hazards (1-4hr)

            Office Ergonomics (1-4hr)

            Manual Material Handling (1-4hr)


Lifting Equipment Safety

            Forklift/Liftruck Operator (4-8hr)

            Aerial Lift (Elevating Work Platform) (4-8hr)

            Scissor Lift (4-8hr)

            Overhead Crane (2-4hr)


Chemical Safety

            WHMIS (1-3hr)

            TDG (3-4hr)

            Chemical Handling (1-3hr)

            Designated Substances (1-4hr)

            Asbestos (1-4hr)

            Respirator Fit Testing (1-4hr)


Emergency Response

            Basic Spills (2-4hr)

            Advanced Spills (1-2day)

            HAZMAT – Operations Level (3day)

            Fire Extinguisher (1-3hr)

            Confined Space Rescue (2-4hr)



Also check out our Public Training Calendar for EHS professional development courses. These courses are designed to explore more technical and advanced practices related to EHS performance. All these courses can be customized and delivered onsite for your workplace.



If you would like to discuss details about workplace training, please contact us


Worker Training

Worker Training

Workers have the right to know. Employers must train their workers on workplace hazards, associated means of protection and any applicable legal requirements. EKG can train your workers to work safely.

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We can expand, elevate and enhance your internal training resources. Training packages are available for a wide variety of courses that will strengthen your in-house training, improve worker protection and demonstrate legal compliance.

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