Employee during required office rest breaks at work

Evidence for Office Rest Breaks

I was recently out with a client who asked me to comment on a new initiative a supervisor had implemented in the office area of an industrial production plant. The supervisor felt that the workers were not getting enough done, chatting too much, running around the office more than getting the needed work done at their desks, etc. The supervisor …

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A bad example of one size fits all cookie cutter office ergonomics

STOP “Cookie-Cutter” Office Ergonomics

Many employers and workers explore ways to reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries in the office workspace. Whether reacting to injuries, pain, discomfort, etc. or proactively trying to prevent these consequences from developing, commendable efforts for the safety of workers occur. These adaptations to office workstations can include internal resources or external 3rd party office ergonomics providers who far too …

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EHS Audit Multi-site Chemical Manufacturer

EKG was contracted by a leading chemical manufacturer to conduct a multi-site/multi-provincial EHS audits. The purpose of the audit was to provide an objective review of the operations, concerning regulatory compliance against federal, provincial, and municipal regulations. Additionally, assess the implementation of corporate governance initiatives. These audits consisted of a multi-disciplined auditing team with extensive EHS experience and qualifications in …

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Since our inception in 1990 EKG has been developing activity/machine specific lockout/tagout work instructions using the process known as visual factory. EKG provided resources competent in the various energy sources present, including pneumatic, hydraulic, kinetic/potential, and electrical. The method utilizes a visual process demonstrate the process to isolate all energy sources, whether from a simple device or complex production line, …

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