Retail Store Ergonomics

Retail Store Ergonomics


One of the most recognized clothing brands in the world was experiencing an increase in the frequency of musculoskeletal injuries in its North American retail locations.

EKG Inc. was sourced out to provide the organization with insight into injury mechanisms and to recommend processes in which to remediate the risk. EKG ergonomists initially assessed all occupations in a representative store location and developed an inventory of risk factors and general safety hazards present. From this inventory changes to the workflows, packaging and manual material handling activities were recommended to reduce the possibility of injury. The next issue was the delivery of information.

To transfer this knowledge to every employee across North America, EKG developed a series of interactive online training videos that outlined the ergonomic and general safety hazards present in the stores. The videos demonstrated proper manual material handling techniques and other safety information such as safe use of ladders.

The program was so successful in North America that it has since been translated into other languages and implemented around the world.