National Kinesiology Week - November 13-19 2017

National Kinesiology Week - November 13-19 2017

National Kinesiology Week

“If all the ways that exercise helped you were replicated in a drug, it would be considered a miracle drug.” – Dr. Ian Blumer

National Kinesiology week is an initiative to remind Canada of the amazing healing power of physical activity. Physical activity plays an important role in the health, well-being, and quality of life of Canadians. People who are physically active live longer, healthier lives. Active people are more productive, and more likely to avoid illness and injury than sedentary people. Typically, people mainly rely on medication for the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. But by choosing to treat their chronic disease with physical activity, they can play a more active role in managing their diseases and enjoy a better quality of life.

To help Canadians move toward healthier lifestyles, the Public Health Agency of Canada supported the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) in reviewing the latest science on the physical activity and in developing new physical activity guidelines. Canadians are encouraged to refer to the Get Active Tip Sheets for the latest information on physical activity.

Even the previous First Lady, Michelle Obama, recognized the importance of physical activity and health. She initiated the very prominent initiative called Let’s Move! Dedicated to addressing the problem of obesity and health using increasing physical activity among other healthy choices.

EKG Inc. encourages movement at least intermittently throughout the workday, especially for those jobs that are primarily sedentary such as any desk job. For this reason, office ergonomics is in a growing demand because there are health concerns known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that are increasingly associated with the lack of movement and physical activity in the office.

It is critical to be aware of how our body moves and functions to understand why one might be feeling pain & discomfort. This knowledge can enable people to be able to take steps to maintain or improve quality of life. In the office environment, in particular, getting up and moving throughout the day is vital to maintaining a healthy and pain-free body. This can be achieved through a variety of avenues:

• Stand up while talking on the phone, or if possible, walk into an empty meeting room while on the phone to be able to walk around
• Position the printer away from your desk, forcing you to walk to retrieve printed documents
• Take 5-10 minutes of your lunch to go for a walk outside
• Personally, walk with co-workers to communicate a message opposed to always sending e-mails if possible
• Perform stretches intermittently throughout the day
• Re-adjust your task chair throughout the day to avoid static seated postures

For further information on how to proactively reduce the risk of MSDs and encourage healthy activity in the workplace, EKG Inc. provides specific training to suit the needs of your company. This ranges from work-specific stretches and MSD risk screening to a Certified Ergonomic Specialist training and providing full-blown ergonomic assessments with improvement recommendations.