Office Ergonomics Training Updated With New Standards

Office Ergonomics Training Updated With New Standards

The NEW CSA Z412-17 Office Ergonomics Application Standard for Workplace Ergonomics is in effect and represents the first significant update since 2000.  

The new standard has adopted the process for conducting an ergonomic review as part of any office design or redesign and include recommendations on ergonomic processes and steps to apply ergonomics to the workplace. This has been part of CSA Z1004, Workplace Ergonomics - A Management and Implementation Standard, since 2012 (current version 2017). The standard highlights the importance of cognitive hazards, meaning not only considering the physical hazards in your workplace, but also the psychosocial hazards that can impact employee mental health and wellness.

Significant design parameters for office furniture are included for not only office chairs and standard workstations, but also sit/stand desks.

The standard regarding chairs specifically outlines that chairs must provide a stable body support and incorporate an adjustable lumbar support. Say goodbye to ball chairs and other gimmicks.
Guidelines for mobile devices include recommendations on continuous time limits for phones, and tablets at 10 minutes.

EKG ergonomists have digested the new standard and the changes that affect workplaces regardless of the application (office or industrial).

Notebooks/laptop use where practical should include the use of external keyboards and mice, with the devices keyboard and track-pad use limited to remote or on the go applications.

This Standard recommends keyboards without number pads.

These represent some but not all of the significant aspects of the revised standard. EKG ergonomists have digested the standard and are now implementing the new or refined requirements in our consulting and professional development training programs.

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