A Testimonial You MUST Read - Anthropo-what?

A Testimonial You MUST Read - Anthropo-what?

The final day of a week well spent,
And the discovery of what anthropometrics meant;
A look at ergonomics shown 5 simple ways,
Follow this process and your boss, you'll amaze;

Consider the task, station, structure, work and enviro,
Assessing these may reduce trips to chiro;
The needs will reveal a problem to solve,
And a plan thereafter will soon evolve;

Assess the task and be sure to try,
Include the worker -ask them how and why;
Prioritize, tape and be sure to measure,
All this data will become such a treasure;

Angles, repetition, frequency and force,
No wonder 5 days to complete this course!
Formulas, tables, NIOSH, RULA and Snook,
It's a miracle this fit in a 3-inch book!

The Festival Inn played an integral part,
As we eagerly awaited the luscious food cart;
To keep us happy the chef gave us sweets,
And even provided -extra special treats!

Now let's not forget who gave us the tools,
To use this manual and not look like fools;
Our hats off to Jeff and Paul,
Who managed to demonstrate and explain it all;

And now in closing a fond farewell,
To all the mates who made this course swell;
To Tracey and Penny and the rest of the crew,
A week of fun learning in Stratford! Who Knew??


- Katt McRobert