Certified Ergonomic Specialist (CES) Designation

Certified Ergonomic Specialist (CES) Designation

The GOLD standard in professional development training on the topic of Ergonomics. Learn the latest in ergonomics research and how to apply it in a practical manner no matter the workplace or industry.


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Our popular Certified Ergonomic Specialist (CES) Designation program is nationally recognized as the industry leader for professional development training in the field of ergonomics. It balances scientifically supported ergonomic theory with practical application. Participants will learn the latest in ergonomics research and how to apply it in a practical manner at any workplace. The full program is broken down into 4 modules of applied ergonomics: Ergonomic Assessment, Office Ergonomics, Industrial Ergonomics and Design Ergonomics. This intensive 5-day offering will save you valuable time and money.

What You Will Learn

  • Background of ergonomics
  • Worker interactions
  • Human dimensions – anthropometrics
  • Force of work – biomechanics approach
  • Occupational injury
  • Physical demands description (PDD)
  • Task analysis (TA)
  • Ergonomic assessment (EA)
  • Office ergonomics overview
  • Understanding the job demands
  • Seated postures
  • Keyboard/mouse use
  • Monitors
  • Other aspects of office work
  • Office environment
  • Putting it all together
  • Manual material handling
  • Hand tool design
  • Ergonomic mats/flooring
  • Environmental concerns
  • Pre-screening
  • Cost of poor ergonomics
  • Energy of work – physiology approach
  • Workstation design scenarios

Course Features

  • Activities Each participant will be required to demonstrate knowledge and skills by submitting an assignment. EKG experts provide positive reviews to improve your skills.
  • Evaluation Testing is conducted to reinforce the information presented in the course.
  • Certification Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be available.