TTT Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Train-The-Trainer

TTT Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Train-The-Trainer

This straight-talking, information-packed, practical, and personal Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention online course will provide the information needed to build the necessary community within your organization.



Our course was developed to give participants more than just knowledge about the law; it will also give participants a better understanding of the different aspects involved with how to effectively manage the issues that may affect their workplace.

In order to receive a certificate of competency, the participant must achieve a passing grade on the written in-class test.

Our course is designed in accordance Bill 132.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to provide awareness level training to in-house employees on the following topics:

  • Identify requirements for protecting workers from violence and harassment in the workplace
  • Identify factors that contribute to violence and harassment
  • Identify sources of violence and harassment
  • Break down the definition of sexual harassment
  • Discuss factors that define sexual harassment
  • Identify workplace violence and harassment legislative requirements

Course Duration and Requirements

Course duration: 4 Hours

This course and program is designed around EKG’s own awareness training platforms and requires the participant to attend our pre-requisite Adult Learning Train the Trainer program.

What You Will Learn

  • What is workplace violence?
  • Types of workplace violence
  • High risk employment
  • Common obstacles to taking action
  • Warning signs
  • Violence prevention tips
  • Supervisor action items
  • Tips for preventing escalation
  • Incident prevention