Environmental Engineers

Rounded-EnvironmentalUsing the principles of biology, chemistry, and physics and their extensive knowledge of environmental regulations, our environmental engineers and technologist develop solutions to the environmental problems of today and tomorrow.

We are well-versed and experienced in environmental management systems (EMS) whether ISO 14001 or Best in Class ensure we are capable of aligning legislation, and standards Using our experiences from the diversity of our client base ensures our environmental professionals can develop solutions to your needs.

Our environmental resources are qualified and experienced in conducting a wide variety of tasks including: 

Services Provided by EKG

  • Employee training on all aspects of environmental activities
  • Environmental regulatory compliance audits, and management system audits to ISO14001 standards.
  • Development of of Toxic Reduction Plans
  • NPRI reporting
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) using the most current versions of Aermod modeling software platforms
  • Acoustical measurement studies and modeling using the most current version of Soundplan.
  • Hazardous waste classification determination
  • Sanitary and Storm water monitoring and source investigation
  • Solid waste audits and waste reduction workplans
  • Environmental program development
  • EHS professional training in understanding environmental legislation