Industrial Hygienists

Ergonomists are responsible for studying the relationships between people and tools, equipment, working and living environments. Ergonomists apply their findings and knowledge to enhance the well-being, performance, comfort, and safety of individuals. Ergonomists must ensure that the design and function of products, tasks and work methods are compatible with human characteristics. Whether working proactively or reactively, we strive to eliminate risk factors thus reducing injuries.

EKG ergonomists lead the way in their understanding of the work environment, and how to assess and rectify risk factors.

Services Provided by EKG

  • Employee training on all aspects of environmental activities
  • Workplace audits, focused on identifying ergonomic risk factors, and the effectiveness of return to work programs
  • EHS professional training for Office Ergonomics, and Canada’s #1 Ergonomic program the Certified Ergonomic Specialist(CES) designation
  • Employee training on all aspects of ergonomics
  • Ergonomic assessments for office and industrial work activities
  • Development of Physical Demands Descriptions/Assessments (PDD/PDA)
  • Work rotation patterns and organization of work to reduce risk factors
  • Assist in the design/redesign of workflow and equipment to reduce risk factors
  • Ergonomic Job Coaching and workstation set up
  • Return to work (RTW) plans for both occupational and non-occupational injuries