Now offered online! Our popular Office Ergonomic Certification provided by the recognized leader professional development training in the field of ergonomics.  It balances scientifically supported ergonomic theory with practical real world applications. Start with the fundamental information about ergonomics, MSD injuries and approaches to conducting several basic assessments. Building off this solid foundation, the modern office workstation is explored to identify, assess and control ergonomic hazards. Participants will learn how to practically evaluate office workstations using ergonomic expectations for proper workstation set-up of chairs, monitors, keyboards, mouse, work surfaces and work environment. The program is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you like with our fully interactive process while being supported by the EKG team of ergonomists along the way. On completion, you can choose to continue on and obtain your Certified Ergonomic Specialist Designation (CES).