Respirators & Fit Testing TTT Headshot
Gain an understanding of the legal requirements of respiratory protection and fit testing.
TTT Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Train the Trainer Headshot
Ensure your personnel are competent to package , ship and receive dangerous goods and comply with the current requirements of Canadian TDG regulations.
Manual Material Handling Course TTT Headshot
This course is designed to provide the participant with the necessary information and tools to be able to conduct in-house training on the techniques, and methods to proper lifting, lowering and carrying of materials, to prevent musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries.
WHMIS 2015 Train-The-Trainer Headshot
Meet all applicable regulations for occupational due diligence.
Lockout-Tagout Train The Trainer Headshot
Provides the participants with the knowledge and resources needed to train others on Lockout Tagout procedures.
Adult Learning Train-The-Trainer Headshot
This course has been designed to provide those who will be required to train adults with the knowledge and skills needed to reach their participants.
Aerial Lifting Device Course TTT Headshot
This program has been developed to educate and certify individuals to train others on the safe use of aerial lifting devices.
Confined Space Awareness TTT Headshot
This course provides you with the in-depth information and course materials to be capable in the delivery of EKG’s confined space program to your workers.
Forklift Train The Trainer Headshot
Gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively train forklift operators and evaluate their competence.
TTT Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Train-The-Trainer Headshot
This straight-talking, information-packed, practical, and personal Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention online course will provide the information needed to build the necessary community within your organization.
Ladder Safety Train-The-Trainer Headshot
Educate workers on working safely at height on ladders. The course ensures the transfer of adequate knowledge to be able to assess the job, evaluate the hazards and where a portable ladder is needed use it safely.
Working at Heights Industrial TTT Headshot
This full day program includes the basic information about how to work at heights safely, as well as practical application of skills.