Ensure your personnel are competent to package , ship and receive dangerous goods and comply with the current requirements of Canadian TDG regulations.

Course Summary

Our course is designed to provide an inhouse trainer with the knowledge required to educate workers on how to complete the required classification, and documentation for the shipping and handling of dangerous goods by road or rail.

In order to receive a certificate of competency, the participant must achieve a passing grade on the written in-class test. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods end user training is also available.

Our course is designed in accordance with TDG Regulations Part 6.1

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to provide awareness level training to in-house employees on the following topics:

  • Identify their duties and responsibilities
  • Understand how materials are classified
  • Differentiate between special cases and exemptions
  • Recognize proper containers
  • Describe safety marks
  • Complete shipping documents
  • Understand emergency response assistance plan (ERAP)
  • Know the spill or imminent release reporting requirements
  • Prepare waste manifests

Course Duration and Requirements

This 4 hour course and program is designed around EKG’s own awareness training platforms and requires the participant to attend our pre-requisite Adult Learning Train the Trainer program.